UI UX Audit Service for your mobile app and website / SaaS product


Why aren’t people signing up for our product?

Why aren’t users completing the payment?

What’s stopping free user accounts from converting to paid customers?

Why are users dropping out of your website or app?



Have you as a product or business owner faced these issues?

Your product and design team might be missing out on some crucial UX flaws that are not making the users follow the flow you want them to. And much of it lies in the fact that you have got too close to your product to see it’s own flaws. Or maybe, your team is trying to solve for something which is not really an issue for your users.

“A brilliant solution to the wrong problem can be worse than no solution at all: solve the correct problem.”

― Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

You very likely need a fresh perspective to help you see these crucial UX flaws in your product. This could be with your usability, information architecture, visual design, messaging, or even content.

You may need someone to understand your business strategy and goals, give you recommendations about changes you can make to your product to increase conversions and user engagement.

This is where you need a professional UX Audit done.


Screen your product with a UX Audit and optimize it with UX Consultation.

Understand UX flaws and get immediate recommendations for change.

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Who should consider a UX Audit?

A professional UX Audit is meant to help founders, product owners, designers, and investors see their product through a fresh perspective.


Growing mid-to-large scale organizations

Teams and organizations who would like to outsource a UX auditing team to thoroughly check and guide design corrections to an existing product and optimize their business conversions.


Product and design teams

Team who have a digital product that is not converting and want to find and fix the problems with key user-flows to optimize their product.


Entrepreneurs/ Founders

Who have an idea or a prototype ready but want to have it screened through a fresh perspective before coding it as auditing a prototype is cheaper in terms of both time and money than re-coding a live feature.



Who want to support their portfolio companies with a UX partner who can help keep their product and design teams focused on incremental UX changes while not losing sight of the full customer experience.


Individual business owners /Small and medium enterprises

Teams and organizations that cannot afford or even think of a full fledged design/product team and would like to take corrective measure to their products to quickly optimize their business conversions.



What you get with UX Audit?

    WEEK 1

  • STEP 1

    Kickoff meeting

    Once you start with us, a kick-off meeting is scheduled. In this meeting, you as a stakeholder will help us explain your business goals, your product vision, the issues that you are looking to address, and your objectives with the audit.This will also involve stakeholders share with us all necessary documents that shall help us understand the above points.

  • STEP 2

    Collecting data and analytics

    This step involves stakeholders sharing with us all the data and analysis that they have on their product. This could be access to analytical tools like Google Analytics, Firebase, Mixpanel, etc. and tracking and recording and heatmap tools like Crazyegg, VWO, Hotjar etc. This will help us evaluate how users are currently behaving on your platform.

  • WEEK 2

  • STEP 3

    User research and personas

    This step involves studying users of your product through documents of any previously done research of your users and your target audience. Understanding users’ from their perspective helps in driving design decisions.To gather this information, conducting user research is the next step into the UX audit. Personas, customer journey mapping, and empathy mapping are created to drive design decisions by understanding users’ characteristics, needs, goals, and capabilities.

  • STEP 4

    UX expert review process

    UX expert review process involves areas deep diving into the following:

    Usability checklist & guidelines compliance

    Mental modeling which involves information architecture, sitemap, user-flow flaws

    Design evaluation

    Application of UX best practices

  • WEEK 3

  • STEP 5

    Detailed report

    The ultimate deliverable is a comprehensive, actionable teardown of your platform presented as a PDF report (typically 40-80 pages).The report mostly consists of errors, comments, suggestions presented through screenshots, mocks etc. These comments may include, but are not limited to:

    Thoughts on your product/market fit

    How UI/UX can fit your value proposition in the best way

    Recommendations for keeping your website/ app simple and focused

    Optimization ideas to better facilitate user’s key tasks

    Onboarding suggestions

    Recommendations on visual style, typography & color

    General usability considerations

    Small easy-to-fix notes;

    Professional opinions;


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Frequently Asked Questions


The above UX Audit does not cover the scope of designing or redesigning any screens or parts. However, asa next step after auditing, as a design studio, we naturally take such tasks above and beyond UX Audit.
Definitely! Much of our clients like you are based out of various cities and countries across continents. We work entirely online, sharing documents via secured platforms & mails and video discussions on Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp etc. And in case, you are in the same city as ours, we highly encourage face-to-face meetings.
Usually, UX Audit takes around 3 weeks of time for the entire scope of work to get completed. However, in cases where we get all the info and documents needed from client quickly, we are able to deliver in about 2 weeks.
We do accept such requests at higher charges.This also depends on the scope of work which is being communicated to you beforehand.