Loginext Solution’s client Transguard Delivery based in Dubai were looking for a web-based solution for their customers to place last mile deliveries from one point to another.

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  • Client

    Loginext Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Product

    Web based portals for Transguard Delivery

  • Project Duration

    6 Months (Jul 2018 - Dec 2018)

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“Being a part of your customer’s day-to-day activities, helps you build a better connect with them . ” Our friends & partners at Transguard Delivery wanted to provide a direct solution to their B2B customers to facilitate a more extensive use of the services provided by them.


We worked with Transguard Delivery & Loginext Solutions over 24 weeks to build web portals targeted towards 2 different sets of users, their B2B customers and the internal workforce.

The B2B portal was focused towards the major clients who have Transguard Delivery as their delivery partners. The portal needed to be simple and easy-to-use, so that customers could place orders with a minimum number of clicks. At the back, it was integrated with Loginext’s state-of-the-art last mile delivery tracking solution.

The internal portal was to be used by Transguard’s internal team to deliver packages to & from their office locations to other locations in Dubai. This portal was integrated with Transguard’s Active directory for Single-Sign On. This way the users didn’t need an additional login to use the portal. They could seamlessly access the portal and start placing orders right away.

Both these portals had feature to track the orders across its various stages, thanks to the solution provided by Loginext. The users could also save the orders as a draft to be placed at some later time. They could also add addresses and save them as contacts, thus eliminating the need to provide entire details each time while placing an order. It was a simple click to select and proceed to the next step.

Along With the Customer facing portals, we also built admin portals for their backend operations team to run the show. This portal allowed the admin team to track the order, in case customer reach out to them offline for order related concerns. In addition to this the Admin portal had customer management, master data management. It also had a role-based access mechanism, and thus the Superadmin user could also manage the employees having access to the portal.

Building a simple yet highly efficient ecosystem was essential for the success of this use-case, and we nailed it by simplifying the crux of the system, which is placing an order . We eliminated as much complexity involved so that user has a seamless experience and the time required to get through your order is minimum .



Web based portals for B2B and Internal customers.


Web based portal for Admin users to handle the backend operations

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Development Challenges


Dynamic consignments and their validations

a. Each input field of the consignment has different validations.

b. All the validations are interdependent and work in real time basis the previous input.

c. The user can add more than 1 consignments. The validations also work for all the each new consignment separately.


Service type based on the current time

a. The client had a requirement that the portal won’t be operational on Fridays. Thus the portal redirects to a page when any user tries to access the portal on Friday.

b. The services on the portal are also accessible only in specified time period.


The functionality of saving a Partial Order

a. If the pickup details are filled and if the user logs out of the system then after logging in to the system next time the pickup details will be prefilled.


Excel upload with validations

a. The portals have a pricing based on the distances between the Emirates. To configure this pricing, the admin portal has an excel uploading feature. The prices are extracted from the file and stored in the system.

b. We also built a validation feature for the excel upload wherein any incorrect entries would be flagged and an error excel would be generated with comments in the relevant cells.



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